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We Serve The General Public and Businesses

Crazy Bee Man LLC Removal provides live honey bee removal to the general public as well as public and private organizations. Crazy Bee Man LLC Removal has specialized in honey bee and honeycomb removal for many years. We can quickly and safely remove any size hive; just call us at 305-299-8049 today to find out how easy it is to rid your property of any type of bees.

We Remove The Bees and The Hive

Crazy Bee Man LLC Removal works with beekeepers in removing and relocating unwanted bees. If hive removal requires opening up a wall, roof, or any part of your structure; we repair the area to restore your property to new condition. No need to call a carpenter to repair your building.

Bees Removed From All Locations

Crazy Bee Man LLC Removal performs live honey bee and honeycomb removal in walls, roofs, attics, chimneys or any place you have a honey bee nesting problem. We also provide swarm removal from trees, bushes, or any exterior location.

Hives Size Can Be Up To 80,000 Bees

Live Bee removal is dangerous and difficult. A few bees buzzing around a wall opening or eve is usually sign of a beehive. A honey bee hive can sometimes have up to 80,000 bees and a honey comb that weighs as much as 25 to 100 lbs.

Honeycomb Removal

A honey bee exterminator usually exterminates the bees but leaves the honeycomb in the wall. Removal of the honeycomb is necessary to solve the bee problem as well as prevent bigger problems from rodents and bugs being attracted to the honey. The honey can also melt and cause damage to interior and exterior walls and ceilings.

Act Now Before The Problem Grows

The sooner you notice a honey bee hive and address the problem the less honeycomb will need to be removed, which translates to less opening of the wall structure to access the hive and less cost to you.

Have More Questions?

If you have any questions about bees and bee removal, call us, we can answer your questions.

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Phone Crazy Bee Man LLC Removal at 305-299-8049 today.


Honeybee Honeycomb in Roof Rafters

Honey Bee Honeycomb

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