About Crazy Bee Man LLC, Removal Services

Licensed Beekeeper

We are licensed beekeepers in the state of Florida. We keep our own bees near exit 2 of I-75 on the fields of a radio station. We work with other beekeepers when we do live bee removal. If we are closer to their apiary we will give the swarms to them, to make sure they survive. My son (Joseph), and I (Jose Raul) also keep bees in our house.

We sell our honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

Pro Pest Exterminator

We are licensed and insured pest control company. We needed to be a licensed pest control company to perform pest control services ( the use of pesticides).  We work with other pest control companies to remove their bee problems from their customer base. we are a full service pest control company.


We work with licensed roofing companies that either call us when they have a problem in one of the homes they are working in or refer us to the owners.  We were a roofers prior to working with bees, this gives us the knowledge and experience on how to correctly remove and repair your roof if bees are needed to be removed from your roof.


We have three service vehicles to serve Miami Dade and Broward Counties.


We guarantee our work for up to one year depending on the scope of work done.

Act Now Before The Problem Grows

The sooner you notice a honey bee hive and address the problem the less honeycomb will need to be removed, which translates to less opening of the wall structure to access the hive and less cost to you.

Have More Questions?

If you have any questions about bees and bee removal, call us, we can answer your questions.

Call Us – We Are Ready To Help

Phone Crazy Bee Man LLC at 305-299-8049 today.

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Honeybee Honeycomb in Roof Rafters

Honey Bee Honeycomb

Bee Hive 1

Bee Hive 2

Bee Hive 3

Bee Hive 4

Bee Hive 5