Bird – Bat – Duck Remediation

Bird Remediation

We are pleased to announce that we do Bird Remediation. We have acquired the services of Julian Galeote from Birds and Bees to head this division. Mr Galeote has 5 years of experience in this field. From pigeons to nuisance birds we will be able to accommodate any job from small to large scale.

Bat Remediation

We will remove bats from residential, commercial or industrial locations. we will give a complete proposal on your bat remediation.

Duck Remediation

We will remove Muscovy ducks from homeowners association, industrial parks, municipal parks or residential properties.

Act Now Before The Problem Grows

The sooner you notice  and address the problem the faster the problem is resolve, which translates to less less cost to you.

Have More Questions?

If you have any questions about bees, birds, bats and duck removal, call us, we can answer your questions.

Call Us – We Are Ready To Help

Phone Crazy Bee Removal at 305-299-8049 today.


Honeybee Honeycomb in Roof Rafters

Honey Bee Honeycomb

Bee Hive 1

Bee Hive 2

Bee Hive 3

Bee Hive 4

Bee Hive 5