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Live Removal of Bees and Hives

We provide live bee and hive removal. We are affiliated with bee keepers who accept the bees for their hives. We provide live bee and hive removal from bushes, trees, and other outdoor structures but specialize in removal of bees and hives from roofs, walls, attics, chimneys, under buildings and more.

Bee Proofing to Stop Recurring Bee Problems

After removing the bees and hive, it is necessary to keep the bees from returning to the structure to rebuild the hive. Bee proofing is a method of exclusion with the use of materials and techniques that are specialized for the prevention of structural bee infestations. Bee proofing is best applied as a preventive method before a hive exists because sealing a beehive in a structure creates a whole new world of additional problems. We warranty all of our bee proofing work.

Bee Hive Removal and Structural Repair

The only effective way to keep bees from returning is to carefully remove the hive and honeycomb. This most often requires partial disassembly of the structure where the hive is located. Once the hive and honeycomb are removed and all preventative steps have been completed, we will then repair the area that was used to access the hive, leaving your structure in like new condition.

Non-living Beehive Removal

In some cases, honeybees will build their hives inside of structural voids where disassembly is not an option. Removal of the hive is still required to fully and correctly eliminate the bee problem. In these cases we use non residual botanical materials to treat the beehive, and then effectively remove it in a non-damaging procedure. This often is a case by case situation that our experienced professionals are very familiar with performing.

Act Now Before The Problem Grows

The sooner you notice a honey bee hive and address the problem the less honeycomb will need to be removed, which translates to less opening of the wall structure to access the hive and less cost to you.

Have More Questions?

If you have any questions about bees and bee removal, call us, we will answer any of your questions courteously and professionally.

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Honeybee Honeycomb in Roof Rafters

Honey Bee Honeycomb

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